Our people who make up the team of Consulting Services:

Melih Cilga

Melih CılgaMelih Cilga, the team leader, has been in the marketing communications industry for over 20 years, having different professional experiences on agency-, marketer- and researcher-sides. Even though he graduated from Computer Engineering department at Istanbul Technical University in 1989, he chose to work as a copywriter and then a strategic planner at various local and international advertising agencies from 1991 to 2005.

Then, he worked as a "Business Planning Consultant" at Istanbul office of Millward Brown, one of the highly respected firms in market research and advertising research industry. There he directly cooperated with incumbent account directors and contributed to strategic insights and creative idea optimizations for the brands such as Unilever, Vodafone, Yapi Kredi Bank, HSBC, Vestel Home Appliances, Danone, Reckitt Benckiser and Microsoft.

For the last four consecutive years, he has provided freelance project-based Consulting Services to marketers and advertising agencies that are operating in and/or targeting Turkish market. He also continues to do custom-made workshops and give seminars at various educational institutions.

Freelance Strategists, the crowdsourced experts of our team:

We have a crowdsourced freelance team made of young strategists who have occasionally experienced their profession in “junior / mid-level / senior ranks” either in advertising agencies, marketers or market research companies.

Members of this young strategists team contribute to our projects under the team leader’s meritocratic coordination where responsibilities are objectively assigned to them based upon their past experiences and talents. All team members agree to abide by the terms of the confidentiality agreements (NDA), if required by the Client.

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