Content Strategy and Insights Consulting Services

As the team members of “Icerik Stratejileri” (‘Content Strategies’ in Turkish), located in Istanbul, Turkey, we provide a unique kind of consulting services within the framework of marketing communications and brand strategies. Our main purpose is to proactively build and coordinate a “strategic partnership” between marketers and advertising agencies operating in and/or targeting Turkish market.

We believe that the scope of bilaterally shared responsibilities and business know-how between marketers and ad agencies should be expanded to a broader context than that of today.

Thus, we provide sophisticated consulting services in a range from advertising to marketing mix and business objectives through our consultants experienced in interdisciplinary and “cross-industry” perspectives. One of our significant roles is to build a “bridge” between the account planners and creative teams on the agency side and the brand managers and CMOs on the marketer side.

In our custom-made workshops with our clients, we pay special attention to include and evaluate the reports of market research and advertising research firms (if any available, or provided by the client). While working to achieve the relevant insights of market intelligence, competition analysis, brand perception mapping or consumer behavior analysis in Turkish market, we may also have to use the "Desktop Research" methods to certain extents.

Some questions we like to discuss with our clients:

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