Some questions we like to discuss with our clients:

  • In the context of traditional and digital integration, when we look at the unique pieces of content produced by separate agencies, how coherent are they with your brand’s marketing communications strategy?
  • If the content should have a “social exchange value” in the eyes of the brand’s target audience, what would be the criteria of a spreadable content for being easily “liked and owned” by a consumer’s personal network?
  • If you want to acquire a well-constructed content architecture that would trigger the imagination of your target audience to go deeper inside your storytelling, what kind of extra insights can be provided to help invigorate and refurbish the creative works of your ad agency?
  • How can we manage and reconcile the plausible conflicts between different teams who are responsible for finding the “strategic idea” and “creative idea” respectively?
  • Defining the platforms and tools to reach your target audience can be a good point to start with. Can you also define the reasons why your audience would like to take part in the “engagement process” through your storytelling framework?

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