Our perspective and method in Consulting Services

We work closely with brand management teams and creative teams, both on the marketer side and the advertising agencies, through a series of custom-made workshop sessions that take place in the Client’s office. In the context of the integration of traditional and digital creative strategy, we help them evaluate the processes of creative idea development, competitive analysis and consumer insights.

Our main purpose is to proactively build and coordinate a “strategic partnership” between marketers and their contracted advertising agencies operating in and/or targeting Turkish market. The purpose of a strategic partnership must be beyond delivering unique campaigns but also provide guidelines to anticipate the impending changes in current brand perception maps.

The scope of our services:

The scope of our services includes, but not limited to, strategic planning and content creation in close cooperation with the marketer’s contracted advertising agencies:

1) In the transition process from product to brand, we help you define and/or develop the basics and essentials of brand positioning and marketing communications strategy.

2) In the context of traditional and digital integration, we work to acquire a well-constructed content architecture that would trigger the imagination of your target audience to go deeper inside your narrative arc (Transmedia Storytelling and beyond).

3) In accordance with the pre-determined KPIs, we deliver actionable recommendations to optimize the ideas created by traditional or digital advertising agencies. Working in cooperation with market research and advertising research companies is the key to such a “creative idea optimization” process.

At this point we step in via our custom-made workshop sessions that take place in the Client’s office.

In addition, certain marketing directors and brand managers may request us to serve them as a “third-eye” and ask us to deliver actionable insights and recommendations by extrapolating the reports taken from their market research companies.

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